Publications in English
All that Glitters
The Hindu, Pondicherry, 8.9.2012
Street Style Project
Marie Claire, India, June 2012
A Natural Touch
The Telegraph, Kolkata, 23.10.2010
My Heart told me to stay here
The Times of India, Kolkata, 18.9.2010
Article about Birgitta's Gold-in-Glass Jewellery in Tamil
Dinakaran Chennai, Indien, 23.2.2008
To catch a sunbeam Watch Birgitta Volz create Matrigold
The New Indian Express, 18.1.2008
German has designs on Auroville trees
Deccan Chronicle, Madras, 9.4.2006
Features of Trees
Auroville News & Notes, 27.3.2004
Cultural Events: Art Exhibitions by Birgitta Volz
Woodcuts with a touch
National Herald, 1.12.1996
Arbeitsaufenthalt von Birgitta Volz in Neu-Delhi, Indien
Publications in German
The Artistic Development of Birgitta Volz
Speech by German Consul Christiane Cranshaw
Art - Man - Nature
Helmut Schuster about Birgitta Volz Art Work
The Features of Trees
Matthias Behrend about Birgitta Volz Bark Prints
Exotic Botanical Prints - pdf-Download
Book about Birgitta Volz' Plant Prints
"Lineamenta arborum" - The Features of Trees
Book about Birgitta Volz' Bark Prints
Art Exhibitions by Birgitta Volz
Artist's Statement by Birgitta Volz